Wednesday, June 1, 2011

President Uchtdorf Speaks to The Los Angeles World Affairs Council

With both Mitt Romney and Jon Huntsman considering a run for the office of the President of the United States, Mormons will be in the spotlight more and more.  People will have questions regarding our Church, and our beliefs.  Today I listened to a wonderful talk given by President Uchtdorf as he addressed the Los Angeles World Affairs Council, which gave concise information regarding The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in a wide range of areas.

"The Los Angeles World Affairs Council promotes greater understanding of current global issues and their impact on the people of Southern California by inviting authoritative, influential figures in world affairs to Los Angeles and providing them an open forum."

President Uchtdorf addressed topics like:

  • Our belief in Jesus Christ.
  • Our belief in The Ten Commandments as divine laws.
  • The growth of The Church.
  • The importance of higher education, with information about Church Universities and Institutes.
  • LDS Charities.
  • The Church welfare system, highlighting the importance of self reliance.
  • LDS Humanitarian Aid.
  • The Family Proclamation.
  • Temples.
  • Basic core doctrinal beliefs and value systems.
Some of my favorite quotes were:

“In my lifetime I have experienced and worked in times of grim challenges and uncertainty. I was a refugee twice, and I have witnessed how opposing political systems impacted the life of a large number of people in very divergent ways. I learned by experience how important high moral and ethical values are in leadership, irrespective of political systems.”

“Too often the teachings of our respective faiths are kept in an abstract religious box cautiously separated from personal conduct.  Divine leadership principles are based on the commandment that ‘Ye love one another’ and that is irrespective of religion.  By reemphasizing this commandment, the Savior has made feeding his sheep one of our ongoing responsibilities which cannot be dismissed.  Leaders whose leadership reflects integrity and goodness could do much to create a better world for our children and grandchildren.”

"It takes courage … and humility to put away old hatred, divisions and traditions that constrict and confine people into a blind succession of destructive behavior toward others. It is within our reach to breach barriers of hate and build bridges of brotherhood and understanding between opposing cultures, beliefs, religion and world views."

He closed with a request and a blessing, “God is not merely an abstract concept, He’s not. He lives. As we trust in God and listen to His voice, regardless of our faith and our religion, He will help us personally, and collectively, in these challenging times. There is hope, there’s a great future ahead of us.  It is in our hands to make it happen.  Of this I bear witness as an Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Thank you and may God bless you all.”

I just wonder if those in attendance realize how blessed they really were to hear from that great man.
Just so you know, the video is really worth watching…..