Monday, April 11, 2011


I seriously just have to share this little hidden treasure I found this morning on the Internet.   While I was reading an article about LDS Temples, I literally stumbled onto a site called Expound.  Expound is a website that is designed to be a platform for educational and informational resources regarding LDS history, scripture, and belief.  
It is amazing!!!  

The site itself is full of additional links to on-line material that could literally keep you busy forever researching and studying.

Most impressive to me is the section on Temples. This section has gathered, into one place, every possible article, both published by the Church and scholarly, video, photo, and Internet page regarding LDS Temples.  It also has a list of recommended books and articles that are available on-line to study more about LDS Temples.  There is also a long list of questions and answers about LDS Temples that link over to official LDS answers. 

Photo courtesy of Brittney Nicole Walker Photography

Again, I must shout… AMAZING!!!

Please don’t take my word for it… hop over to Expound and check it out for yourself…   
Gotta go, I gots lots of reading to do! 

I know… total nerd!  

BTW don't you just love this photo of the Salt Lake LDS Temple taken by my friend Britt. Check out her blog here.

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  1. Very nice resource. Thanks for sharing. Off to study now...