Wednesday, June 26, 2013



Remember the short lived craze of Planking?

Well, move over Planking and make room for the newest craze
"One Fish"
"Two fish"

"Red fish, Blue fish"

One may ask, "How did this craze begin?"

 The Trouting phenomena began because of the 
Angels superstar  baseball player, Mike Trout.
Mike Trout, aka "The Millville Meteor", 
has won the hearts of
many a fan of the 
Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim and 
was even awarded 2012:Rookie of the Year.

Will the phase last?
Only time will tell...
If it will "catch" on.

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Been Trill

Been Trill  

 Slang fascinates me.
It really does.
I don't know why.
But I am fascinated by it.

So when I stumbled across this new term, 
"been trill",
I simply had to figure out what it meant.

Interestingly enough it is so fresh
it hasn't even been defined in
Urban Dictionary.

Perhaps the reason is because
wants it to be a mystery. 
You see, once again Virgil Abloh
teaming up with Matthew William, and Heron Preston
have created a clothing line called
Perhaps part of the mystic that their company desires
is in not knowing exactly what it means...
Or maybe it's a secret that only
a select few knows?

Well... at any rate...

Been Trill 

is a mash up of two words- 
true and real.

true + real= trill

So if you been trill it means you have been true and real.
You don't bend with every new idea that comes along.
You have stayed "true to your craft" or
"true to your self".
 You are not influenced by peer pressure.
You are your own person. 
You are not a sell out.

The Forest Lab is been trill.

Oh yeah... someone said it originated in

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Free Jake Shuttlesworth for Game 7

That Spike Lee

He Got Game!

With the NBA playoffs in full swing,
EVERYBODY is talking about 
the upcoming GAME 7.

The question is on everybody's mind...
Will it be Miami or San Antonio?
The Heat or The Spurs?

After watching Game 6...
my guess is it's anybody's game. 

If you are on Twitter you might have noticed the new hash tag,

Ray Allen who plays for the Heat also Co-starred
with Denzel Washington, 
in a Spike Lee film called
He Got Game.

In the movie Allen plays Jesus Shuttleworth, a top ranked basketball player
being courted by different colleges to play for them.
His father, Washington, plays Jake Shuttlesworth who is in prison for killing his wife.
Jake is temporarily released from prison by the governor so that he
can influence his son Jesus to go to the governor's Alma mater.  

For Thursday's game the Heat needs to bring it.
They need to #FreeJakeShuttlesworth

As for Ray Allen, it seems that #JesusSaves 

Monday, June 17, 2013

Johnny Cupcakes

Johnny Cupcakes

In the street wear scene there are a few 
companies that have become so popular that
they have an actual cult following.

One of these companies is called
Johnny Cupcakes.

It could be because cupcakes just seemed
It could be due to the sheer genius of
the creator of Johnny Cupcakes,
Johnny Earle.

I vote for the second option... how about you?

At any rate... he is one to watch...very closely.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

You Learn Something New Everyday- Pyrex Vision

Remember when Pyrex meant this...

 Well not anymore.

Thanks to the style adviser of Kanye West
 (you know, the same Kanye that is 
the baby daddy of Kim Kardashian's little bundle of joy. 
 You know the same Kanye that is 
hyping the world up for his new album release on June 18th called Yeezus, 
Yeah that Kanye)
 (well anyway...his style adviser), Virgil Abloh,
now Pyrex means something entirely different.

Pyrex is short for his new clothing line called

Pyrex Vision.

And you thought Pyrex was simply

something to cook in....

Silly you!

Of course Pyrex also has another meaning...
It is that cookware commonly used for making crack cocaine.
Which in the "fashion industry" means awesome. 

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Adventure Is Out There

Yes, Adventure is Out There!

It's just around the corner.
Waiting to be found.
Open your eyes.
See it.