Saturday, July 27, 2013

Undefeated Floyd "Money" Mayweather and The Forest Lab

 “It’s just difficult to bet against Floyd if you’re really honest with yourself… First off, you have to admit that he’s the best of his time. The best of his generation.”  Mike Tyson

The Champ is in strict training again.  The big fight against Canelo Alvarez is on the horizon and The Money Team is hard at work.  Discipline is the word to use when it comes to Floyd Mayweather. It takes discipline to maintain the winning streak Floyd Mayweather has. Discipline in every area of his training. Discipline amongst chaos.

The Forest Lab
The Forest Lab had the rare opportunity of being invited to join The Champ during one of his training sessions at the Mayweather Boxing Club in Las Vegas. Among the throngs of family, friends, reporters, and fans, they found Floyd Mayweather engaged in his routine, focused and disciplined. From sparring to jumping rope his concentration was precise, never distracted. The energy level at the gym was raging as the entourage shouted with him through his entire session, responding appropriately when he spoke certain words. They all worked together like a well-oiled machine pumping out a product of sheer perfection. 

It is this kind of discipline and focus that is required to be number one in your field.  It is the reason why Floyd Mayweather is still one of the highest paid athletes.  It is the reason why The Forest Lab has added Floyd “Money” Mayweather, The Champ, to their Crown series.

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