Friday, September 20, 2013

The Forest Lab Earns Respect From The Hundreds

Bobby Hundreds visited a shop called Backside in Burbank and happened upon some T-shirts designed by The Forest Lab.  Instantly he fell head over heels for them, calling them “the best streetwear t-shirts out right now.”  And… he bought some for his business partner Ben Hundreds… and the rest is history… in the making!

Now friends, you might be wondering just who The Hundreds actually are.  The Hundreds is a streetwear company that is big.  I mean big. Not only do they have a great clothing line, their branding is off the chart too.  They have a cult following that love their little BoMB logo and consequently try to post it everywhere…Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, you name it.  You might say The Hundreds is the BOMB!  


Besides their popularity in the fashion industry they have an incredible online-magazine written exclusively by Bobby Hundreds himself.  It lets you get some insight into the life of the rich and famous through his eyes. His Blog is phenomenal in fact.  One of my favorite posts (besides the one about The Forest Lab, which is my favorite for sure) is called Nanny Diaries.  It is about a woman named Vivian Maier who was a closet photographer, meaning nobody knew she took photos.  It wasn’t until she passed away that all her photos were discovered.. it was a great story.  Ahhh, but I digress.  I really just wanted to say “Yipee” about the press The Forest Lab got from them.

Their approval is really big.

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