Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Awake After Hibernation

Sometimes things are just such downers.  For the last three weeks the flu has wreaked havoc on my body, and consequently I have felt down.  Watching the news doesn’t add to my spirits either.  Just think about what has been happening around us the past few weeks:

The conflict in the Middle East rages on.  Earthquakes in both New Zealand and Japan have caused death and suffering, only to be topped by the effects of the Tsunami.  Now threats of "Nuclear Meltdowns" persist as an aftermath of the devastation. Charlie Sheen has monopolized the media with his insane antics touting his exploits as one of a “winner”.   The Bachelor had to make the ultimate choice, and let’s face it; someone gets to go home unhappy. (I hope you can feel my sarcasm with this one!)
Sometimes all these crisis situations make me just want to pull my head in my shell and hibernate. 

Yet… because I understand that the Lord is in charge, and power is given to us through the Atonement to ride out the storm, I once again poke my head out and press forward.

I guess Isaiah really said it best…

2 Nephi 20:24 Therefore, thus saith the Lord God of Hosts: O my people that dwellest in Zion, be not afraid of the Assyrian; he shall smite thee with a rod, and shall lift up his staff against thee, after the manner of Egypt.
 25 For yet a very little while, and the indignation shall cease, and mine anger in their destruction.
 26 And the Lord of Hosts shall astir up a scourge for him according to the slaughter of Midian at the rock of Oreb; and as his rod was upon the sea so shall he lift it up after the manner of Egypt.
 27 And it shall come to pass in that day that his burden shall be taken away from off thy shoulder, and his yoke from off thy neck, and the yoke shall be destroyed because of the anointing.

Today my proof of this was found when I ventured out to take out the trash.

Yes… Grimaldi has woken up from his long winter sleep.

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