Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Free Jake Shuttlesworth for Game 7

That Spike Lee

He Got Game!

With the NBA playoffs in full swing,
EVERYBODY is talking about 
the upcoming GAME 7.

The question is on everybody's mind...
Will it be Miami or San Antonio?
The Heat or The Spurs?

After watching Game 6...
my guess is it's anybody's game. 

If you are on Twitter you might have noticed the new hash tag,

Ray Allen who plays for the Heat also Co-starred
with Denzel Washington, 
in a Spike Lee film called
He Got Game.

In the movie Allen plays Jesus Shuttleworth, a top ranked basketball player
being courted by different colleges to play for them.
His father, Washington, plays Jake Shuttlesworth who is in prison for killing his wife.
Jake is temporarily released from prison by the governor so that he
can influence his son Jesus to go to the governor's Alma mater.  

For Thursday's game the Heat needs to bring it.
They need to #FreeJakeShuttlesworth

As for Ray Allen, it seems that #JesusSaves 

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