Monday, June 24, 2013

Been Trill

Been Trill  

 Slang fascinates me.
It really does.
I don't know why.
But I am fascinated by it.

So when I stumbled across this new term, 
"been trill",
I simply had to figure out what it meant.

Interestingly enough it is so fresh
it hasn't even been defined in
Urban Dictionary.

Perhaps the reason is because
wants it to be a mystery. 
You see, once again Virgil Abloh
teaming up with Matthew William, and Heron Preston
have created a clothing line called
Perhaps part of the mystic that their company desires
is in not knowing exactly what it means...
Or maybe it's a secret that only
a select few knows?

Well... at any rate...

Been Trill 

is a mash up of two words- 
true and real.

true + real= trill

So if you been trill it means you have been true and real.
You don't bend with every new idea that comes along.
You have stayed "true to your craft" or
"true to your self".
 You are not influenced by peer pressure.
You are your own person. 
You are not a sell out.

The Forest Lab is been trill.

Oh yeah... someone said it originated in

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