Sunday, June 16, 2013

You Learn Something New Everyday- Pyrex Vision

Remember when Pyrex meant this...

 Well not anymore.

Thanks to the style adviser of Kanye West
 (you know, the same Kanye that is 
the baby daddy of Kim Kardashian's little bundle of joy. 
 You know the same Kanye that is 
hyping the world up for his new album release on June 18th called Yeezus, 
Yeah that Kanye)
 (well anyway...his style adviser), Virgil Abloh,
now Pyrex means something entirely different.

Pyrex is short for his new clothing line called

Pyrex Vision.

And you thought Pyrex was simply

something to cook in....

Silly you!

Of course Pyrex also has another meaning...
It is that cookware commonly used for making crack cocaine.
Which in the "fashion industry" means awesome. 

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