Monday, February 7, 2011

I’m Starting To Really Hate Cupcakes

I am fifty; I guess I am entitled to be a tad bit ornery. (Disclaimer for those of you with tender feelings)

Seriously, what is all the hype over cupcakes anyway?

When I think of cupcakes, I think of a giant mess. Think about it. Give someone a cupcake and you are sure to have it ground into the carpet, smeared across their clothing, and a sticky, gooey mess on their hands. Then, when you are done eating the dang thing, what do you do with that nasty cupcake paper? No trash can in sight? Toss it out the window I guess. ($500 fine for littering!)

Point number two. Think of all the work it takes to make cupcakes. It is really a cake x 24, or even 36, depending on the “batch” size. To me that means 24x’s the work. No bueno!

I am tired of seeing cupcakes all over the place. I have decided it is the “sheepish” thing to do lately. The “everyone loves cupcakes, so they must be awesome” mentality is making a lot of ordinary people, who really have invented nothing new, lots of money. Have you been to the little “cupcake bakeries” lately? Those little “she she” beauties are not cheap. Not to mention all the money being spent on “cupcake accessories” !

Maybe it is just good marketing skills that have made this ordinary treat soar to the heights of stardom; or maybe it is just the cycle of life, how everything becomes new again like the changing of the seasons. If so, we can anticipate the arrival of “Rice Krispie Treat shapes” to soon make their debut as a new and inventive goodie. Thank goodness I have saved all my shaped “Krispie” treat pans. Hey, maybe I should market that?

Oh, for the love of cupcakes anyway!

I say, “let them eat cake!”

And for something seriously over the top check out this cupcake artist!


  1. For me, it's just easier to throw the batter in a 13X9 and call it a cake! But hey, I'm a very lazy cook.

    But, I like cupcakes:)

  2. Exactly my point Kathryn. I simply do not get all the hype. Most of the time they are dry and over frosted for my taste. Occasionally I have tasted ones that are not that way, but more than not they are dry!

  3. Hahaha! Did my status update that I was at Yummy Cupcakes in Santa Monica incite a jealous rage?! JK ;) The Red Velvet was good though! ;)