Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Bachelor VS The Swamp People

For those of you who are wondering…I am not a fan of reality television.

The first experience I had with reality TV was when MTV made the ever popular show called "The Real World". Oh brother! That show is anything but REAL! Not once did I have the opportunity to live in a million dollar home sharing the company of other girls, not to mention boys, and told I had no rules to follow. That just wasn’t my “real world”, was it yours? (I did however get to spend a year in a dumpy duplex in Utah with five other Mormon girls, but that will be for another post.) Yet, somehow that “reality” world has rapidly evolved into such television gems as “Survivor”, “The Apprentice”, and “The Bachelor”, just to name a few. These “REAL” life adventures have entertained audiences of all diversities.
Again, in case you might be wondering... I totally abhor "The Bachelor". May I just say how shocked I am at the grown women who swoon over “The Bachelor”? Seriously folks, what is up with that? I could give a rat’s rear end who will end up with the rose in the end… it is NOT real love anyway!!! In fact, it insults my intelligence to be sold this garbage as “reality”.
If I want to watch real life drama unfold I turn to the History channel and watch “Swamp People”. “Swamp People” is a show full of action and intrigue. It is both dangerous and exciting at the same time. Much more entertaining than a bunch of spoiled girls clawing their way to the top anyway they can, just so they can come home with the “catch of the day”, the ultimate “Bachelor”. These Louisiana Cajuns on “Swamp People”, like Mike and T-Mike, Bruce, Junior, Joe and Tommy, and especially Troy, put their lives on the line to win the prize they seek, that ever elusive big “gator” from the swamp. And believe me, there are no roses on this show.

Don’t tell me you have never heard of “Swamp People”?
What rock have you been hiding under?

Now those are “real men” living in a “real” world! I would put them up against “The Bachelor” any day.
And an even bigger perk is that "Swamp People" is on the History Channel, so it must be educational, right?


  1. As someone who watches The Bachelor let me say I know it is not real. It is however very entertaining! Its dramatic and funny! I prefer my drama on TV and not in real life so I love "reality" TV!

    Swamp People sounds very interesting! I will definitely check it out!

  2. Come on Kathryn be open minded! Michelle, I am glad to hear that you know the show is really not real at all. Try the Swamp People on for size!