Friday, February 11, 2011

"Creationism is Superstitious Nonsense"

Ok, I admit it… I stay connected to the world through the Internet.  Instead of reading a tangible newspaper each morning with my cup of sugar free cocoa, I check out my favorite list of Blogs that I follow, I look on my Facebook newsfeed to see what is happening with my friends, and occasionally I look on Twitter to find out what’s up in the world, or at least the Twitterverse.  I learn all kinds of things without even leaving my cozy office.  

This morning I happened to check out a link to the MurrietaPatch, a local Murrieta newspaper, which was reporting the story of a high school boy who filed a law suit against his AP European History teacher for the “Anti-Christian” comments he made while teaching the class. The student, Chad Farnan, actually won the suit; however, the story is still making headlines because the appeals process is bound to take this case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court.    

Maybe I was more interested in reading all about this case because I am aware of the recent address given by Elder Dallin H. Oaks to the students at Chapman University law school.  BTW Kathryn did a great job reviewing his speech on her Blog, A Well Behaved Mormon Woman, if you haven’t heard about it, go and check it out there.  (She also has links to the transcripts of the entire speech in her post.)  It is actually the second speech that I have read recently in which Elder Oaks expresses his concern for religious freedom and protecting our Constitutional right of “this important founding principle”.  This makes me wonder if Elder Oaks isn't trying to warn us about something... huh? At any rate Chad Farnan’s story is an interesting one indeed, and one we, as Christians, should all take notice of.

Watch the interview below.

I thought it was interesting that out of all the terrible opinions that the teacher ranted about concerning religion, the one that put the nail in his coffin was the comment stated as a fact that “Creationism is superstitious nonsense.”  Wouldn’t a true educator put forth all theories as just that, theories?  Since we do not KNOW for a fact that any of the other theories are correct as far as the creation of the world is concerned, what gives him the right to dismiss any theory put out there? 

I believe that this type of scenario happens all the time in our educational system.  I am glad that this one boy has had the courage to challenge the legitimacy of it. 
What do you think?

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